Rebrand of Kids Sports
Coaching Company


Rebrand Funkey Sports, a sports coaching company for children


Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration


This project was a little different to to other projects I had done in the past, as there was real clients at the other end. With that in mind, before starting to research I talked to the clients to get an understanding of what they wanted. From this I understood they wanted - "a fresh and minimalist logo, removing all the unnecessary elements from the current branding". Once I knew what I was aiming to create I started researching into branding that already existed for a company in this field.

After researching I began the process of sketching (and sketching, and sketching and sketching) and selected some of these to develop further...

Digitalisation :

Once I was happy with my sketches I moved onto Adobe Illustrator to develop my ideas digitally so I could see which fitted best with the image I had for the company along with having the ability to present these to the client and gain an understand as to if I was on the correct track.


After presenting my ides to the clients, they made it clear that they wanted the word mark and visual marque to be similar, just one for the main branding and the other for profile pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. We decided that the sub-brands for each kids club needed an extra boost of playfulness, hence the addition of the letters being misaligned and small icons to go alongside the main word marks.


The final product below shows the main branding, being made up of a building block style of typography to keep the child-like theme running through the branding. The advertising posters on Social Media and Printed Form carry the same theme through the entire brand. I think this project was successful with a minimalist yet fun logo created with an obvious branding style apparent in every piece of branding and advertising across all mediums.

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