Digital Hockey Guide on how your Goalkeepers can keep a Clean Sheet.


To create a digital product


Product Creation, Branding, UI design


For this University project, there was a slightly different beginning to all other projects I had previously completed. This project allowed us as the designer to decide what we would create, and for this I went through a series of idea generation taking into consideration my interests, the current world state and what areas I had pre-existing knowledge and experience in. For me I quickly established this would be a hockey goalkeeper coaching guide.

Once I knew what I was creating it was business as usual, starting with a series of research on other coaching guides via various sites online, looked at branding style, pricing and how the content is presented to the user. I quickly decided I would create a digital book for coaches so that anyone could deliver a quality session to their goalkeepers with minimal equipment. Not the same as a specialist goalkeeper coach, but the next best thing.

I started by sketching a series of rough wireframes to get an understanding of what each section of the ebook would look like and what the best layout would be...


I developed a brand to go along with my digital book, naming it clean sheet and assigning it a slogan to go with this brand. Along with this I created a colour scheme using influences from other sporting brands and companies such as Lucozade or the Australian Open.


Once I was happy with my sketches and in what direction the design was going I narrowed it down and developed these ideas further digitally as high resolution mockups. Once these were completed I went through a series of user testing on coaches and players who would be interested in the product to ensure diagrams and content was easy to follow and understand.

App creation:

Once I had created my ebook, I decided it was not as accessible as I had initially hoped. The only way I could think to fix this issue was to create an app that would be used alongside the advanced version of the ebook. Within the app, it includes more features than the book - offering video examples of techniques and also the drill diagrams animated to show ball and goalkeeper movement. Although the process of creating the app was time consuming I think overall it was worthwhile due to it increasing the accessibility of the guide and being more user friendly for on the go coaching.


For the final product, I created two versions of a digital guide consisting of a technique guide, 30/55 drill examples across 40/70 pages. Along with this I created a promotional website using Landen/Umso and an app to use alongside the ebook using Glide.

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